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Weekly Card March 6-13, 2016

One of the new features I will be starting on my blog is the card of the week. I will draw it each Sunday to see what kind of energies I’ll be dealing with for the next 7 days. I am still getting a wonderful energy from this deck, I love working with it, I love the feel of it in my hands and I love the images on the cards.

For this week I drew card #15 Stolen in her Sleep


(artwork copyright 2009 Selina Fenech)

I have to admit, this card gives me a wee bit of a creepy feeling. All those eyes peering up from the card…and not one of those gnomes looks the least bit happy. The bottom of this faerie’s feet are red, and so are her knees, giving me the impression that she walked a very long way, maybe panicking and carrying on blindly before falling to her knees to keep going when she was lost, finally fell asleep from exhaustion. She does however look peaceful to me in her sleep, so maybe she just needed to rest and refresh herself Β so she could get her bearings and become aware of her surroundings.

From the guidebook: Feeling cut off from psychic abilities, unsure of whether the path you are drawn to follow is safe. It is time to go deep within and understand that material transformation is spiritual, it is then your gifts will be fully awakened.Β 

She is so stuck, so set in the ways of fear and programming, that it is time for the powers of the deep elementals, the earth, to take her in so she can be transformed. Be not afraid for her, the gnomes of the earth element Β will take her in, care for her, and then return her safely home, transformed. She will see as though she has never seen before….and with her rebirth will come a fresh new beginning, from her heart, extending outwards into the world.Β 

(card meanings copyright 2009 Lucy Cavendish)

The phrase jumping out at me here is “material transformation is spiritual”…I already believe that your outer world reflects what is going on in your inner world…Maybe it is time to do a spring clean of my house? Clearing away all the clutter and cobwebs of winter will definitely feel like a rebirth to my spirit, and it is supposed to be warmer this week, springlike weather, so I guess we will see what happens πŸ™‚

Until next time, be well.


Friday Fun

So I have some great ideas for this blog and I am so excited to be writing…it has almost become a compulsion for me. I sit at my day job all day thinking about ideas that I want to do with the blog, readings I want to try, questions I want to ask….I feel like a dam inside me has broken and I just have to get everything out- I think I am going to have to learn to pace myself though so I don’t get burned out πŸ™‚

Tonight just for kicks and giggles I am going to ask the Faeries what is the best thing that will come out of me doing this blog, and what will be my greatest challenge?

This is what came up:

The best thing to come out of me doing this blog-

#10 The Unicorn and the Maiden, Reversed


(artwork copyright 2009 Selina Fenech)

This card has a lot of orange in it, signifying to me that my sacral chakra will be most affected, the sacral chakra having to do with your creativity. Reds and yellows are also highlighted so I know that my stability and my personal power will both be affected also.

From the guidebook- This faerie seems to be asking me to be aware of how I underestimate my power to bring about solutions to a difficult challenge. She is also asking me to be aware that I may be feeling unsure about whether my visions are authentic and I may feel my psychic information is coming to me in a disordered fashion.Because this card is reversed, I can be assured that the faeries are working deeply with me to help me release these blocks.

So it seems to me that by doing this blog I will learn to trust that the psychic information I receive is authentic, and I will learn to relay the information in an orderly manner that is easy for the recipient to understand. I will learn the creativity to solve problems that I thought were insurmountable. Excellent! πŸ™‚

My greatest challenge-

#29 Into the Woods


(artwork copyright 2009 Selina Fenech)

When I look at this card the white behind the trees seems like a veil to me…this faerie is walking towards the veil but turns her head at the last moment with a look of fear on her face. The rabbit at her feet signifies her creativity urging her on.

From the guidebook- Feeling uncertain, new experiences, time…to take a chance and go into a place where you have felt uncomfortable. This faery knows there are places she must walk through that are exposed and challenging. She will take great care as she does so, but walk on she will.There is no turning back. And there will be great rewards and flowering of talents and skills as a result of this courage.Β 

(card meanings copyright 2009 Lucy Cavendish)

Wow. This sums up my feelings pretty well. I am feeling nervous, awkward and vulnerable right now because I feel like I am letting people see a side of me that I have never really shown before. The armor that I put on for the world makes me seem strong, harsh and unbending- and I have cultivated that persona for many years. I feel that if people I know see this softer side of me, the side that is a little less sure of myself, a little more vulnerable, a little more “woohoo”, they will think that I am not being authentic. But there IS no going back. I have a pressing need to express my creativity and show how multifaceted I am, so here goes….ready or not πŸ™‚

Until next time friends, be well.





March Energies

Spring is almost here, although it doesn’t feel like we had much of a winter this year, and I am happy with that πŸ™‚ Today I pulled a card to see what energy/energies I am likely to be dealing with for March.

#47 The Gift


(artwork copyright 2009 Selina Fenech)

My first impressions of this card: I love the way this gnome seems bashful while offering this lovely faery his gift, and I find it interesting that the faeries shoulder is raised just a little bit to subtly push this gift away…like she is not really sure she should take the proffered offering. There seems to be a happiness there mixed with a little bit of uncertainty. The earthy colors of this card suggest to me that any gift offered this month with be a physical one, or one that will have an effect on the material level, I am getting a strong root chakra feeling with this card.

From the guide: When this beautiful card makes an appearance, know that a person or being who is very down to earth may be about to make you a good offer. The more grounded you are at present, the better Β use you will make of this gift. A proposal to help you change your life that is small and not in the least grand or glittery, but which has enormous substance and potential to it. Work with your hands…

(card meanings copyright 2009 Lucy Cavendish)

So, it seems like I should be on the look out for a small proposal that may seem insignificant to me but could end up being a life changer! Can’t wait for this month πŸ™‚ I’ll update you guys at the end of the month, but until then,

Be well.

Sunny Sunday Morning

What a beautiful sunny Sunday morning πŸ™‚ I feel like it is going to be a great day today! I have the day off from my second job and I am going out to a concert tonight with the person I love most in the world- my daughter πŸ™‚

Let’s see what message the Faeries have for me this morning….

I have two cards for the day today, one that I actually picked and one that jumped out at me while I was shuffling…lets start with the one that jumped out at me.

#32 Beauty’s Truth


(artwork copyright 2009 Selina Fenech)

Lovely card! I love the butterfly imagery in this card, it speaks to me of the transformation from the nondescript caterpillar to beautiful butterfly. That is what I hope I can do tonight. I had a very disheartening day yesterday, definitely feeling like the ugly caterpillar. As I said, I am going out tonight and spent my day yesterday shopping for something to wear (I rarely go out- and I shop even more rarely because I HATE shopping, so I really have nothing to wear :p). After visiting 3 different malls and countless stores I STILL have nothing to wear tonight, so I am going to have to go out today again and search around. I hope this Faerie is telling me that I will find something to wear that makes me look AND feel beautiful πŸ™‚ I feel like the direct way she is looking into my eyes from the card is telling me not to worry, she’s got this covered πŸ˜‰

Now, the card that I actually pulled today…

#21 Crystal Magic


(artwork copyright 2009 Selina Fenech)

Another lovely card…very dreamy and free flowing…this Faerie has magic flowing from her fingertips and seems to be tip toeing gracefully through her day, I feel that the purple hues in this card are indicating that she is letting nothing distract her from her connection to theΒ Divine and her intuition. I can’t wait to see what my day brings! I’ll update you guys later πŸ™‚

**Update** My god I have such a struggle with the word and the idea of “beauty”…I spent another day trying to find something to wear tonight that I would feel good about myself in, and I changed my outfit 4 times and still wasn’t happy with it but didn’t feel I had any other choice 😦 I can tell you that the thing that made me feel most beautiful today was handing a homeless guy $20 and telling him to stay safe…and the smile he gave me back.

This card is all about acknowledging and owning your own unique beauty. “Your job now is to embody beauty“. I think I am going to have to take the Faeries advice and “sit before a mirror on a Friday night and focus within on love. See this love radiate out from within, and begin to glow. And as you do, see your beauty grow.” This will probably be the hardest thing I have done in a long time in my life, but I have noticed that every time I have looked in a mirror the last 2 days I have had some serious negative talk going on in my head- and I have said out loud to myself that I hate my body. So, this Friday I am going to take it upon myself to sit in front of a mirror and tell myself how much I love me….and see what happens. .

As for the Crystal Magic card, the phrase that jumps out at me tonight is “singing your own song, freedom of movement, dancing as if you are alone- no self consciousness, no guilt, total bliss in being“. After a day of being totally self conscious, this evening at the concert I just let go….I sang at the top of my lungs, I danced like nobody was watching and I let the beauty of the music just flow through my body…it was magic and I am so glad that I allowed myself that freedom πŸ™‚

(card meanings copyright 2009 Lucy Cavendish)

Until next time friends, be well.


Feeling Blue

I have been feeling totally out of sorts this whole week…there was a full moon on Monday, and I have to say it was a bitch of a full moon for me, but I haven’t just felt it’s effects for the “3 days before and 3 days after” this time, I feel from the day before and up until now which is 4 days later I have been in a state of emotional turmoil. Angry, snippy, hurt and just plain bitchy are the words that come to mind to describe how I have been feeling, so I thought that tonight in an effort to come to some understanding I would do a faerie reading for myself.

A bit of background, I have been really upset this week over my daughter and her boyfriends break up. I know, it is none of my business, and I actually am not upset that they broke up…it is just that this guy comes from a very dysfunctional home and over the last two years we have grown very close. I have taken him under my wing, tried to give him some mothering that he lacks and cared for him like he was my own son. Even though they are not a couple anymore I don’t want to abandon him- because that is what everyone in his life has done to him, including his mother and father.

So, in a moment of sheer lunacy (and I mean that literally this week) I pretty much attacked him by text about something that was totally insignificant. I felt very ashamed and I have apologized to him and he accepted, but I can’t escape this lingering feeling that nothing will ever be the same again, so in an effort for some closure I am going to do a past, present, future reading for this situation.

So I posed the question: What do I need to know about this relationship, past, present and future?

My first impression of the cards is that they all came up reversed, which wasn’t what I was hoping for, at least for the future….but there is a lot of green and pink in the cards which indicated healing and love to me.

The Past- #17 Acorn’s Invitation, Reversed

#17 Reversed

(artwork copyright 2009 Selina Fenech)

Oooooohhhhh…yes. This card speaks of being starved for physical attention and contact, and this is exactly how he was. So unused to being hugged, or patted on the back, or recognized….it makes me cry to think of how very stiff he was the first time I hugged him. There is also a disconnect from his body…he is extremely intelligent, I wouldn’t actually hesitate to call him a genius, but he is always in his head, never in his body. Always thinking about things and never really FEELING things- which I totally understand. I use the same technique as a defence against getting hurt emotionally.

The Present- #20 The Littlest Faery, Reversed


(artwork copyright 2009 Selina Fenech)

So I find this card very interesting, it speaks of underestimating the significance of a “small start”. I really hope this is true. I feel like I have given this young man some tools to make himself better, get further in life and be the best he can be. But I also feel that I haven’t done enough for him…so I really hope I am underestimating the value of what I was able to do for him while I had time with him. I recently saw a meme on Facebook that said something to the effect of “be the kind of person you needed when you were younger”, and I really made it my mission to be that kind of person for him. I really hope it was enough….

The Future- #2 Solace, Reversed

#2 Reversed

(artwork copyright 2009 Selina Fenech)

So this card speaks of not connecting with nature…and I feel that right now with myself since it is the middle of winter and I am prone to staying indoors, but I feel that the card message may have a different meaning for me in this reading- intuitively I feel this means that I may not ever find solace in the way the relationship ended. I really hope this isn’t true, and I think in an effort to circumvent that, I may invite this young man on regular walks in nature, or meetings in parks just to talk and make sure he knows that I am still there for him. I feel like this is the right thing to do to make sure that he feels secure in at least one relationship in his life. I feel like just as mother earth is always there silently waiting for us to find healing in her presence, I am to be like a mother earth for him, just silently being there to send him loving, healing energy.

(all card messages copyright 2009 Lucy Cavendish)

Until next time friends, be well…..




Hello friends and welcome to my very first blog post on the Messages From Within blog, I’m so happy to have you here on this journey with me πŸ™‚

I decided to start this blog because for a while now I feel like the faeries have been very subtly beckoning to me….whispering to me….saying my name on the wind….so I decided that I would blog about my experiences with them- as a way to learn about their influences in my life, as a way to understand them, as a way to become a better writer, and also as a way to just plain have fun with them!

I am a deck lover, doesn’t matter what kind, tarot, oracle, native american, animal, and I have a great collection, but the Faeries really have been calling me lately. I am feeling a very strong connection right now with Lucy Cavendish’s Wild Wisdom of The Faery Oracle, as well as her Oracle of the Dragonfae, and Brian & Wendy Froud’s Heart of Faerie Oracle, so I think those are the decks I will begin to focus on here in this blog.


(artwork copyright Selena Fenech 2009)

The artwork in the Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle is stunning, and from the moment I shuffled the cards in this deck I felt a deep connection. The very first card I pulled was so apropos to my situation at the time I cried…I have never felt that kind of connection to a deck before, and so, I want to go deeper into it, explore it and mull it over…..let’s jump in πŸ™‚

On this lovely winter morning that feels a bit like spring I have pulled card #39 SHIMMER from the deck


(artwork copyright Selena Fenech 2009)

What a beautiful image πŸ™‚ My first impression of the card is a lightness, but a mysteriousness….Purple happens to be my favorite color, so I am very drawn to this card. I love the expression on this Faeries face too- kind of mischievious- drawing you in and saying “mmmmhhmmmm, I’m beautiful, but look a bit closer…see the REAL me…”

The keywords for this card are Glamour, Confidence, Allure, Charisma.

I can already see how I THINK this card is going to play into my day. Mother Nature is putting a Glamour on outside for me today. While we are deep into Winter, sitting looking out my window it looks like a balmy spring morning. The snow is melting, the sun is shining and birds are merrily chirping. My guess is though, when I venture outside it is going to be a lot colder than it looks! I’m off to work now for the next 9 hours, so I will have to update you this evening as to how this beautiful Faery wove herself into my day today.


So, I have to laugh. What I thought this card was going to mean this morning is absolutely not what this card meant to me today (it turned out to be a lovely warmish day outside and the wind was not cold, it was quite balmy πŸ˜‰ )

I sat down tonight to read the card message from the book that I didn’t have time to read this morning…This is what jumped out at me:

The faery power of glamour is yours to be called upon. It will change your appearance ever so slightly- you will be more beautiful, your hair will be longer, more lustrous, your eyes will be larger and shine more and your skin will be dewy.Β 

(Card messages copyright Lucy Cavendish 2009)

Now I am finding this hilarious because earlier this afternoon I happened to be cleaning the bathroom at work (you can just call me Cinderella πŸ˜‰ ) and as I passed the mirror over the sink, for some reason I took a good look at myself. Now normally I give myself a cursory glance in the mirror just to make sure nothing embarrassing is going on, but for some reason today I was drawn to my reflection, and I was thinking to myself ” huh, my skin looks really clear today….and my eyes are sparkling, just a little bit….wow, not bad…” πŸ™‚

So, I feel like this Faery was just giving me a wink and a smile today in the form of a bit of a glamour. I love it!